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Patrick Mayer

Wheelblades speak for themselves; and for more wintertime mobility; for more room to move; for more joy in life; but I think I ought to say a word or two: Wheelblades are not like other products – they are not just made for profit, but were invented out of sheer need. I am a quadriplegic myself (incomplete) and have been depending on my wheelchair for 12 years. 

It has always made me very sad that wintertime limited my mobility so severely and that I had to make plans how I was traveling where: I, who have always loved winter and snow.
I was surprised to find out that there was not a single, reasonably priced mobility aid on the market, one which could be attached and removed using basic manual skills. 

As a wheel chair driver I want a maximum of mobility and flexibility in any weather and year round. The Wheelblades made this dream come true. And since I am convinced that Wheeblades don’t just assist you but also bring you a lot of joy, I am now offering them to everybody. A high-end, reasonably priced product which, I hope, will bring more satisfaction to more people!

Patrick Mayer
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Stiftung Cerebral

Wheelblades GmbH
Patrick Mayer
Untere Industrie 10
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Swiss Made Label
Good Design Award 2014
German Design Award Special 2016
Red Dot Award Winner 2014